Friday, February 24, 2006

5th helping of 3D...BEYBLADE GRIFFOLYON!

Sorry for the long drought of recent posts... I've been crazy busy! I'm back now, and I thought I'd kick out this Maya model I did for BeyBlade's final end credits where you see each of the 2D characters in 3D rotating. BeyBlade was a huge hit for Nelvana, and this model was really fun to do. I had fun doing it and I really think I found a useful way of creating the look of feathers on his chest...instead of modelling it, I used a fractal bump map that I blurred and tweaked, that when applied, looked just like feathers and rendered fast! Anyways....please keep coming back as I will be adding more stuff soon! Thanks to everyone who was asking me when I would post again, you lit the fire beneath my butt!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Throwback Thursday! A Special Tribute to SMOOK!

Ok...first off I apologize for the lack of posts...been an insane month! Running 2 different series can be a nightmare! Anyways...I was diggin thru some old design binders of mine on the weekend and came across a whole whack of super-quick post-it sketches by my friend Smook! ( Red Dot Blog). Back in 1997, I was a designer on 'Sam & Max', and Smook was our board artist. Whenever he handed in a board it would contain quick post-it sketches of me. One...then two...then 10...eventually there were complete storylines!! It was hilarious/aggravating! This went on for months until, apparently, I was having a bad day and told him to "draw someone else!" ! Instead of stopping and following my advice, Smook made mt outrage the next storyline in his thumbnails! HAHAHAH. From then on the post-its were always super-fast thumbnails of me gettin angry, blowing up etc etc, and then Mike quitting doing boards. It was hilarious! This post above is an excerpt from a storyline of about 50 post-its of me exploding, Smook quitting boards, and then years later I see him on the street...a shattered man! I know after 10 years Mike will hate me for posting these, but I just had to share them with everyone. They are so loose and quick, and always made me laugh! Don't ever change Smook! ( even though I now have a complex because of you! )